Hayden looking good at the pool

I recently found out that Hayden got a boob job a couple years ago and I never knew about it. That kind of puts a downer on things, but I still think she is pretty damn hot. The rest of her body is pretty damn nice and natural, as shown here with these pool pictures from yesterday. I still don’t support fake boobs though, even if they’re not ginormous. They just don’t ever look right naked. I know some guys are cool with fake boobs, just not me.

Oriana Pellegrini for Dutch Playboy

I don’t have much to say. Oriana Pellegrini, Playboy Netherlands’ Miss April 2009, has some fantastic boobs. I just had to share it.

Nina Agdal is good at Twitter

Nina Agdal has quickly risen to the top of my hot list since she was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’s Rookie of the Year back in February. This teenage, Danish bombshell has an amazingly beautiful face, plus a rocking fit body. She tends to tweet pictures of herself a lot too, which is one of the best things ever. She’s second to only Sara Underwood in Twitter picture sexiness, which is basically like being second to Usain Bolt. Keep it up Nina, you’re doing great.

Sofia Vergara classy and beautiful

I doubt there is a man on this planet that can resist Sofia Vergara’s unbelievable curves. Sofia isn’t all sexual attraction though, she has class too. This Vanity Fair shoot has her in stunning dresses that shows her body off fantastically. I would do just about anything to attend a high class party with Sofia as my date. She’d steal the show instantly with her dark hair and sensual curves.

Maria Sharapova brings the sexiness to Wimbledon

After her win in France earlier this season, I had high hopes of Maria making it to the final at Wimbledon 2012. This wasn’t the case, but at least we have some nice pictures from her earlier rounds.Maria Sharapova has an fantastically fit body. I love a fit body, toned curves are just sexier that fleshy ones. After years of tennis, Maria is enormously fit and it shows in her slender and sexy body. She’s 6′ 1″ too, which adds more to her attractiveness. I also love a blonde, and she’s platinum blonde to the max. Tennis clothes have a special place in my heart too, right there with yoga pants, they both fit to the body superbly.

J Lo looking good in Rio

Jennifer Lopez is definitely one of my favorite cougars in the world. It is impossible to not love her curves, they’re insane. Too bad she has a boyfriend and they usually aren’t really a nerd.They are usually biker boys with tattoos all over the damn place. It’s cool though, Jenn, I’ll be chilling here, waiting for my opportunity. I have patience.